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Summer Enrichment Opportunities in Math

Math Review, Math Reinforcement, SAT and ACT Practice

Parents and Students:  Summer months are a good time to encourage students to keep their math skills sharp and increase understanding. Studies have shown that continued review and reinforcement are the most beneficial methods to math retention.

Listed below are some free math sites that provide different math content areas, reviews, videos, and explanations. Please use the open days of summer to sharpen math skills and comprehension.

9th Grade Science and Math Readiness Summer Packet
Ninth grade science (Physics 9) is a math based course in which we see the need for your child(ren) to be abreast on the material listed on the PDF Physics 9 Math Prep Packet linked below.  Students, please work on this packet to sharpen your science and math skills over the summer months. This packet will be referenced to during the first few weeks of school. Since each lesson in the course contains some type of mathematical reference, this packet may be referred to during the entire school year. We recommend all students complete this packet, although it is not mandatory.

Each section of the packet is clearly headed, followed by instructions, and a Khan Academy video explaining how to solve each problem or expression. For further clarification, you can create a Khan Academy account at to view endless math equations, problems, and expressions.

Parents, thank you in advance for assuring your child(ren) will complete this packet before school begins. Students, we look forward to seeing you in September.

Summer Enrichment For Pre Calculus Students
For those students who will be taking Pre Calculus during the 2019-2020 academic year, listed below are two pdfs that you are encouraged to review over the summer.