Senior Year - COVID-19 Updates

Senior Year: “Finalizing Post-Secondary Plans”
- The national date to commit to a college and make a deposit to hold your spot has historically been May 1.  Some colleges are beginning to change college commitment dates to June 1. This varies from school to school so please check directly with the institution.  ACCEPT’s list of colleges with new June 1 deadlines.

  • Seniors will receive the Senior Final Plan form through email the week of April 6. Seniors will be asked to indicate where they are planning to attend college and to list merit scholarship money, honors, and other scholarships awarded to each student.  Please include documentation, such as copies of scholarship award letters. Please complete this form and by Monday, May 4.
  • Also, if you have committed to a college, and made your deposit, they may be asking for your final transcript.  We will send your final transcript, which is your transcript, once end-of-the year grades are finalized, to your attending college in June.
Please remember that all scholarship opportunities we receive are listed on Naviance under “Scholarship List.”  Check out this link at The Biz by Bentley University for additional resources. 

  • Post-secondary educational planning:
    • Each senior will meet individually with his/her counselor at least two times between September and February of the senior year.
    • Letters of recommendation and college applications are processed through the Guidance Office.
    • College representatives and recruiters from the military are scheduled for visits in the College Representative Room, located in the Guidance Office, during the months of September through December.
    • College scholarship opportunities are posted on Naviance.
  • Academic counseling is available when needed. If a student fails two or more subjects, his/her counselor will meet with the student.
  • Personal counseling is available when needed (initiated by the student or by way of a referral made by a teacher, a staff person, a parent or another student).
  • A member of the Guidance Department visits English classrooms to give students guidelines and important pointers for writing their college and career essays.
  • College Financial Aid Night: Two Financial Aid Nights for parents and seniors are held each year.