Senior Year

Senior Year: “Finalizing Post-Secondary Plans”
Please remember that all scholarship opportunities we receive are listed on Naviance under “Scholarship List.”  Check out this link at The Biz by Bentley University for additional resources. |

COVID 19 College Admission Changes For Seniors Only 

Post-secondary educational planning: 

    • Each senior will meet individually with his/her counselor at least two times between September and February of the senior year.
    • Letters of recommendation and college applications are processed through the Guidance Office.
    • College representatives and recruiters from the military are scheduled for online visits, please check your weekly emails for dates/times.
    • College scholarship opportunities are posted on Naviance.
  • Academic counseling is available when needed. If a student fails two or more subjects, his/her counselor will meet with the student.
  • Personal counseling is available when needed (initiated by the student or by way of a referral made by a teacher, a staff person, a parent or another student).
  • A member of the Guidance Department visits English classrooms to give students guidelines and important pointers for writing their college and career essays.
  • College Financial Aid Night: Two Financial Aid Nights for parents and seniors are held each year.