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College Recruiting Guide

Many student-athletes are driven to continue their athletic careers in college. This requires a coordinated effort between the athlete, their family and our school.  The first step is to consult the "Guide for the College-Bound Athlete" available on the  NCAA Clearinghouse website. 

The LC Athletic Director regularly provides information to our student-athletes regarding  NCAA eligibility,  NCAA Clearinghouse registration, and Division I, II, and III athletic programs. Student-athletes may also contact their coaches for further information about specific sports programs, conferences, and levels of competition. 

The  NCAA Eligibility Center is designed for the student-athlete and their parents. This site is a terrific resource to help understand the application process and the NCAA. Students interested in competing in NCAA Division I, II, or III athletics must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Registration should take place before the student athletes' junior year.

We encourage all student-athletes interested in participating at the collegiate level to visit our athletic and guidance offices.  There you will find information that can help you decide what role athletics should play in your college search, as well as important details about eligibility, recruiting and scholarships.