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LC Athletics Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Objectives




Lansdale Catholic Athletics Philosophy: Education through athletics

The Lansdale Catholic athletic department philosophy is rooted in the concept of education through athletics. Those engaging in athletics at LC will develop valuable skills to grow first as people, then as students, and finally as student athletes.

Lansdale Catholic Athletics Vision Statement: Create the culture

The Lansdale Catholic athletic department seeks to create a culture that inspires, motivates, and challenges all participants to leave their environment in a better place than how they found it.

Lansdale Catholic Athletics Mission Statement: Create the environment

The Lansdale Catholic athletic department will work daily to create a professionally ran performance environment that readies young people to excel to their God given ability. The lessons learned through athletic participation will supplement the areas Lansdale Catholic embraces for all of its students through it’s vision: Academic preparedness, Character building, Community service.

Lansdale Catholic Athletics Areas of Focus:

Culture Development (The Culture): LC Athletics will work to create a department wide culture of respect, ownership, and accountability among our teams and our athletes.

Character Development (The Person): LC Athletics will use the lessons learned through athletics involvement to teach student athletes life lessons on leadership, character development, and being a part of something greater than just one person.  

Academic Development (The Student) : LC Athletics will place a premium on performance in the classroom. Student athletes will know that before the privilege of athletics participation can take place the work in the classroom must be up to the standard that LC demands.

Athletic Development (The Student-athlete): LC Athletics will provide it’s athletes with the tools necessary to become better both individually and as a team. Proper physical preparation, skill development, and team tactics will be just some of the areas the LC coaching staff will develop to give LC athletes the best chances possible for success.

Lansdale Catholic Athletics Objectives:

  1. Use the teachings and values of the Catholic Church to guide our actions
  2. Create a safe, positive, professional, and educational environment at all times for our students and students athletes
  3. Prioritize student athlete success in the classroom
  4. Teach fundamental concepts of leadership and define the expectations of leaders in our programs
  5. Set expectations for athletes, coaches, and parents to represent LC with respect and good sportsmanship at all times
  6. Instill a “growth mindset” philosophy program wide to encourage athletes to deal with adversity in constructive ways
  7. Create a coaching environment that ensures teams and athletes are given the best opportunity possible to succeed
  8. Teach athletes the importance of performing with maximum effort and focus for an entire contest regardless of the score
  9. Instill a sense of ownership, accountability, and pride in all of our student athletes: 24 sports; 1 program!
  10. Educate athletes in a variety of subject areas that will give them a distinct opportunity for success
Threats, Bullying, Intimidation, Hazing and/or Initiation Ceremonies