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Catholic Mission



Archbishop Charles Chaput has given our Catholic schools a particular
Mission-to equip saints for life in this world and the next.  Lansdale
Catholic High School has been forming students in the faith since 1949.

 The sacramental life of the school is Christ-centered.  The Eucharist,
the Source and Summit of our faith, is the Body and Blood of Jesus which feeds us
and nourishes as we strive to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

We strive to instill Catholic values in our students and to foster the many
abundant gifts that God bestows on them all.  Through His grace we seek to
provide an environment of faith and knowledge which is our school motto. 
We work diligently to inspire all students to strive to live a life of virtue and
to give  glory to God through their thoughts, their words and their deeds,
and to love God and neighbor as one loves oneself. 

We are active in the New Evangelization as we seek to share the Gospel Law
of Love and Sacrifice with everyone who encounters our LC community.
We develop personal relationships through service in our local community
and in the global community.  The knowledge we attain through our study
and our prayer enables us to engage others in person and through social
media in order to bring them closer to Jesus Christ, our Savior.

With the help of our patroness, Saint Therese of Lisieux,  and the love of our
Blessed Mother Mary, we seek Communion with our God, Father, Son and
Holy Spirit.

Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.- Saint Therese of Lisieux