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FOUR The Kids Dance Marathon

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This year's dance marathon is on Saturday May 19, 2018, 1PM-10 PM. The students of Lansdale Catholic will be on their feet for nine straight hours to raise money for and express solidarity with kids in need all around the world. 
We are dancing to support FOUR charities, all of which help kids in need:

The Four Diamonds Fund

The Four Diamonds mission is to conquer childhood cancer by assisting children and their families through superior care, comprehensive support and innovative research. Four Diamonds covers 100 percent of all medical expenses related to cancer care not covered by insurance for eligible Four Diamonds children.


The Mustard Seed Communities

Inspired by the healing and caring Ministry of Jesus Christ, we aim through the positive interaction of caring, sharing and training, to uplift the most vulnerable members of society, especially disabled and abandoned children, and marginalized communities. We are committed to the fostering of homes and communities, which will lead us all to loving service and mutual respect and which will bring us joy, hope and dignity.


The DePaul Catholic School

The DePaul Catholic School is an innovative urban elementary school dedicated to carrying out the legacy of St. Vincent de Paul by empowering students to become life-long learners, leaders, and servants who build the Kingdom of God. Independence Mission Schools is a non-profit network of 15 independent Catholic schools providing a transformative education to children of all faiths in low-income neighborhoods across the city of Philadelphia. Help us help them transform their lives and communities.


AOP Schools for Special Education

Too often, children with special instructional needs are brought up learning how to adjust to the world – how to survive a place that wasn’t made for them. But we believe those children, and the world around them, were brought to life by a Creator with grand and beautiful plans. So we built schools that immerse students in the wonder of their surroundings, the love of their communities, and the joy of learning that every child shares. Each of our special education schools delivers a strong suite of academic, sensory, and spiritual instruction. So students learn more than the skills needed to make it in the world; they learn how to make the world a better place.

Once a student's registration is processed, his or her name will be added to our fundraising website, and they will receive a fundraising link to share with family and friends. 
Questions may be directed to Ms. DiGuissepe