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Social Justice Spotlight

Social Justice Spotlight:

Myanmar Genocide

Education is the first step to action

By Sophia Boschetto (LC ’18)


In the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, unimaginable horrors occur daily to Rohingya minority citizens whose political and religious beliefs differ from those in power. Soldiers are murdering large groups of people as part of their efforts to eradicate this minority population.

Terrors like these are disturbing and hard to imagine, let alone relate to, which makes it easy for us to ignore these horrific facts. They sound like stories from the Holocaust or wars from ancient times, but the fact is that they are happening in 2018. We like to think that we all would have taken a stand against historic injustices, but the true test of this is to look at what you are doing now to fight modern ones.


If you wish to make a financial contribution to help the citizens of Myanmar, the charities Catholic Relief Services, Human Appeal, and UNHCR are reputable organizations that provide emergency aid to the people directly affected by these atrocities.