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Schoology Log In

Please note that all LC students must logon to Schoology using the link below. 
If you are not seeing your current classes in Schoology, here are a few steps to take to resolve the issue.
Step #1
We are not currently using a Username/Password to log in to Schoology. Rather, we are
using Google Authentication, which means you are logging-in via your LC Google account. This means you must be already logged-in to your LC email account when you click on the Schoology link OR, when you go to login to Schoology, you are selecting the "authenticate with Google account" option and then using your LC email.
Step #2
All students must access Schoology through this link:
Step #3
If you are seeing previous classes in your Schoology account, close all of your browsers and clear your cache. 
On an iPhone you are going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
On a PC or Chromebook, if you are using Google Chrome, you can following these instructions: How to Clear Cache in Chrome
Here are a few more helpful troubleshooting steps to common Schoology issues....