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Parents Association

The Parents Association of

Lansdale Catholic High School


Every parent and/or guardian of a current Lansdale Catholic High School student is encouraged to become a member of the Parents Association. Our students need YOU!


As a member of the Parents Association you will serve to provide volunteer support of various student events identified by school leadership.  Your commitment of time and donations of food and other items will help provide a solid foundation for successful student events.


The Parents Association will have periodic meetings where you can share valuable feedback regarding school events and other matters on parents' minds.  Our school leadership values your feedback to help strengthen the LC community.  The Association meetings will also have guest speakers, when available, to provide relevant programming and information to Crusader parents.
***Clearances must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs before volunteering for an event.***


Have questions? Want to join? Feel free to reach out to one of the Core Committee members of the Parents Association:


Kathleen Kulp - [email protected]

Daiana Fuller - [email protected]