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STEM Opportunities

Temple University-Lecture Nov 1, 2018 
Provost Lecture celebrating CST’s 20th anniversary with William Daniel Phillips, PhD, Time, Einstein and the coolest stuff in the universe 

Thursday, November 1, 2018 
2 p.m. lecture | 3:30 p.m. reception 


Temple University Main Campus 
SERC 110 A&B 

This will be a lively, multimedia presentation, including exciting experimental demonstrations and down-to-earth explanations about some of today’s hottest (and coolest) science. Join us after the lecture for a light reception. 

Lecture abstract: At the beginning of the 20th century, Einstein changed the way we think about time. Now, early in the 21st century, the measurement of time is being revolutionized by the ability to cool a gas of atoms to temperatures millions of times lower than any naturally occurring temperature in the universe. Atomic clocks, the best timekeepers ever made, are one of the scientific and technological wonders of modern life. Such super-accurate clocks are essential to industry, commerce and science; they are the heart of the Global Positioning System (GPS), which guides cars, airplanes and hikers to their destinations. Today, the best primary atomic clocks use ultracold atoms, achieve accuracies of about one second in 300 million years and are getting better all the time, while a new generation of atomic clocks is leading us to redefine what we mean by time. Super-cold atoms, with temperatures that can reach below a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, use, and allow tests of, some of Einstein’s strangest predictions. 
STEM Honors meeting and Cyber Security Career Presentation- September 14, 2018.
 Meet and Network with LC Graduate:

Lexy  Guenther

1st degree connection

Cyber Program Manager at Leidos, PMP, CISSP

Leidos Interactive Hacker Experience

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 Jefferson Medical Camps - Applications open February 15. Links below will take you to information pages.


Last week I attended Camp Cardiac, which is a medical camp at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I learned so many useful things at Camp Cardiac that will prepare me for a career in the medical profession. First of all, I became CPR certified. We learned how to do stitches, take blood pressure, look at EKGs, and dissected a pig’s heart. Many doctors came in through the week to teach us about different diseases within the cardiovascular system. Also, one day we had the opportunity to talk to med students and ask questions about the medical field and how we should prepare ourselves. I would recommend Camp Cardiac to anyone who is interested in learning more about the field of medicine. They also have Camp Neuro which is centered around learning about the brain. I would like to attend that one next year!

  • Andrew Yukanis
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Camp Neuro (July 17-21)
Veterinary Programs: Note Cornell's application deadline is early March
More opportunities are listed below
Additional Summer Options 
Summer Enrichment Programs in STEM provide powerful learning experiences for students. Academic potential, leadership, and critical thinking skills are emphasized. 
There are many options offered locally and nationally. Explore the offerings and check application dates and requirements to ensure your application arrives on time.
If you wish to explore a particular field of study, contact Mrs. Antoni to examine other summer programs available. 
Entrepreneurship LaunchX Program at Penn: This is an opportunity to work with professionals to launch a start up. Not just STEM .
National Student Leadership Conference STEM Option
University of Pennsylvania Summer Engineering Programs
Cornell's Animal Science Program
Tuft Bioinformatics Program
Widener Summer Engineering Program is very reasonable. The link is up but not the registration. Call the contact number to determine admission.
Drexel Material Science Engineering- reasonable cost for a week long session
Rutgers Engineering Summer Camps- intensive one-week certificate program (July 8-14 or July 15-21, 2018) that will introduce participants to aerospace, biochemical, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, forensic, industrial, material science, mechanical and systems engineering through an integrated program of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on projects, tours, and field trips.
List of many different medical and research programs for high school students.
For more information or to request additional camps contact:
Mrs. Mary Antoni
215 362 6160 ext 1790