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STEM Honors Certificate Program

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STEM HONORS PROGRAM: A Highly Competitive Option 

STEM Honors Certificate of Excellence Program:

This is a high level program constructed to create appropriately challenging STEM course selections, lectures, workshops and SAT prep over 3-4 years. The STEM Honors Certificate of Excellence program is designed to offer the academically mature, STEM focused student, a rigorous foundation in STEM. Information may be obtained by reviewing the documents included on the dropdown page and by a meeting with Mrs. Antoni. To apply a student must be enrolled in Honors level Math and Science courses. A Certificate of Excellence is awarded at graduation to students who complete all the required courses and have an overall cumulative STEM average of 90. Attendance at lectures and presentations is a mandatory part of program completion.
Freshmen and Sophomores may apply beginning the first quarter of Freshmen year. In rare cases an upcoming Junior may be eligible but a meeting with the STEM director is required to determine feasibility.


Send Mrs. Antoni an email at [email protected] and request an appointment for further information.

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The STEM Certificate Program is an Honors level program offering rigorous exposure to all the STEM disciplines. Students must apply for entrance into this program based either on overall academic performance or after completion of Honors level STEM courses. Standardized test scores, previous course performance, and teacher recommendations serve as the benchmark into this program. It is open to incoming freshmen as well as current students.*

Current student requirements are dependent on implementation year.


To receive the STEM Certificate of Excellence at the close of Senior Year:

  • Students maintain an average of at least a 90 in their STEM courses. This is a combination of AP, Honors and Dual enrollment. The required STEM courses must be honors or AP level. 
  • Students in dual enrollment or AP courses must maintain a B or higher. The dual enrollment and AP grades become part of the required average of 90 for the final STEM GPA.
  • Students must complete an Honors, Dual enrollment or AP course in all four STEM disciplines. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) This is evaluated by the STEM director
  • During their four years, students must complete 5 AP or Dual enrollment STEM courses. These courses may also count toward the "four discipline" requirement listed above.
  • AP Computer Science A or an honors level programming course is required. AP Computer Science Principles may also be used to fill the programming requirement but AP Computer Science A is highly recommended for any student interested in pursuing a STEM major in college. 
  • Various STEM presentations, meetings and workshops will be mandated during different times of the year.



This program is designed to prepare students with a strong STEM foundation to solidify their academic preparation for college STEM programs. Each student will meet with the STEM Coordinator to create the best course selections and programs for their future career.

*The criteria and grade requirements should be maintained during the entire enrollment period. Students who fail to maintain the necessary final GPA and courses will not be able to receive a certificate at graduation.


Completion of the STEM certificate program will be honored at a ceremony and may be included on college applications.




Please print out the following application and give to Mrs. Antoni.


Application for the LC STEM CERTIFICATE PROGRAM May be accessed through the document below.