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STEM Coordinator: Mary Antoni
Science Chairperson: Jennifer U’Selis
Math Chairperson: Jennifer Cooney
Director of Oracle Academy and Java Program: Rob Borkowski
Robotics Contact: [email protected]


Lansdale Catholic STEM courses help prepare students for the rigors of post-secondary STEM programs. By enrolling in demanding academic courses, students develop critical thinking and logic skills, and are better able to meet the challenging courses associated with STEM majors.

Besides the Honors and AP courses available,  several 3 credit college courses, taught at Lansdale Catholic are encouraged for the talented student. This option is part of our expansive dual enrollment program.

Two Areas of Concentration are available in addition to the general STEM focus. Engineering and Pre-Med.

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Courses for Students that have determined a specific STEM track are tailored to provide a foundation that will support post-secondary major requirements. Projects, College integration and Net working opportunities are an important part of the Engineering and Pre-Med programs.

A New Math/Finance area of concentration is also available for qualified students.

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Contact Mrs. Antoni for further information on the areas of STEM concentration: [email protected]

STEM Courses Available in STEM

Algebra I
Honors Algebra I
Honors Chemistry
Algebra II
AP Chemistry
Honors Algebra II
Honors Physics
Honors Geometry
AP Physics
Physics 9
Honors  PreCalc/Trig
Conceptual Physics
AP Statistics
Environmental Science
Honors Calculus
AP Environmental Science
AP Calculus AB/BC
Honors Anatomy & Physiology
Honors Biology
AP Biology

AP Computer Science A
Information Technology
Computer Programing* Current  Oracle Academy membership and tutelage


Additional Courses: Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute

Principles of Engineering
Computer Game Development
Computer Science Principles
C++ Programming


DeSales University Online STEM Courses
3 credit courses

Business Computer Applications
Webpage design
Introduction to Computer Applications
Introduction to Management of Information Technology


Delaware Valley University STEM Courses
(3 Credit College Course taught at Lansdale Catholic)

Introduction to Psychology



Non STEM  dual enrollment courses are also available for students to expand their interests or fulfill general education college requirements. See the Course catalog for various roster options.


Mark and Recapture Lab
For more Information contact: 
Mary Antoni
STEM Coordinator 
215 362 6160 ext 1790