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Dual Enrollment DeSales University

We are happy to announce a new partnership between LC and DeSales University. Current students, enrolled in selected pre-approved Advanced Placement classes at Lansdale Catholic High School, will have the opportunity to receive FREE college credits from DeSales University. In order to receive the credits, students will need to successfully complete the approved AP course at Lansdale Catholic. Students enrolled in these classes are still required to take the AP exam this Spring. Students enrolled in the following AP courses at Lansdale Catholic this year will have the opportunity to earn college credit through DeSales: 
• AP Calculus (3 college credits) 
• AP Computer Science (4 college credits) 
• AP Biology (8 college credits) 
• AP Environmental Science (4 college credits) 
The grade the student receives in the AP class will appear on the Lansdale Catholic transcript. This opportunity is FREE for all students currently enrolled in any of the four pre-approved AP courses listed above. This is a great opportunity for our students!