Golden Graduates 1970


A Message from the Class of 1970 to the Class of 2020 on the 50th Anniversary of their Graduation

It is with sadness and regret that we are not walking down Lansdale Avenue together recognizing milestones for both the LC Class of 2020 and 1970.  It is unfortunate for both classes that we cannot celebrate this momentous occasion together.

But enough of the regrets. Let’s congratulate the new alumni of LC, you deserve a celebration. You may not realize it right now, but your education at LC is second to none. The academics, morality and leadership skills that you have learned over the past 4 years will help guide you through your career and life.

The extended brother and sister relationships that you have developed and nourished will help you well into the future. Many of us from the Class of 1970 still get together on a regular basis. Well, we did until the virus slowed us down. Whenever we get together, the occasion is full of belly laughs, talking about families, current events and of course high school experiences.

The world is on a path to a new reality due to the pandemic. This new reality will create opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the class and those of you who pursue scientific careers. Be sure to further your education whether it be a BS degree or a Master's degree or a trade school journeyman or military education. Always strive to be the best in whatever you do.

You will make good decisions in life and you will make bad decisions. However, the worst thing that you can do is NOT make a decision. You will learn from your mistakes more than you ever will from your successes. Although success is nice too!

When it comes to investing, start as early as you can to put money into the stock market...a little every week. I wish that I had started investing earlier but hindsight is always 2020 (good year to graduate and good eyesight measure).

Thank you for the invitation to recognize the Class of 1970 and hope to see you in the future!

Best wishes for a long happy life and career!

Joe Berardi, LC Class of 1970




My name is Joe Kraynak. I was a member of the LC graduating class of 1970. I was honored  to have served as class president, and  work with terrific friends and class officers including Louise Linden, Tom Breslin and Gail Schmitt.

Fifty years ago, we  walked down Lansdale Avenue  to St. Stans in our graduation gowns. This year, we were looking to forward to accompanying your class on that walk . The coronavirus situation has made that an impossibility. I am writing to congratulate all of you on your achievements, and to offer some thoughts you may find interesting, possibly even helpful. These ideas are personal, but I suspect my classmates share at least some of these feelings.

My experience at LC was nothing less than awesome. I was surrounded by great classmates, many of whom became lifelong friends .  Our  teachers were wonderful, some of the finest people and brightest minds I have ever known. Sister Victor instilled in our brains the importance of  STEM long before it was formally recognized as a critical pillar of the educational platform.  Sister Marie Veronica knew that we needed some practical skills to succeed in the world that was headed our way. I have no idea how she pulled this off, but she managed  to corral a  bunch of us  into a room full of typewriters and we learned it -  years before kids were keyboarding at the age of 3. Mr. Stephen Stadalmeyer was a saint in his own right. He taught us that history was much more than boring irrelevant stories from places long ago and far away. And when his day job was over, he rolled up his sleeves and built gigantic stage sets for our spring plays. At the same time, he supervised a bunch of unruly hormonal  guys who figured out that chorus and theatre were a lot of fun and  great venues to hang with girls. Father John Harkins gave us insight into the real meaning of faith and philosophy, taking our young minds way past rote memorization of catechisms and rules.  Coaches Algeo, Pastorius, and Jefferis , blended classroom learning  of business , English and math, with lessons learned on the playing fields of  football, hoops, cross country. People like Eileen Fertig- Hildebrand and Lucille Kramer- Pritchard graduated from LC, completed their education, then returned to LC, bringing the perspective of Catholic women to our educations in a world that was  dealing with  racial unrest, women’s rights, Vietnam and civil disobedience. These are just a few of the many outstanding educators who touched our lives. We are forever grateful to all of them

My education at LC gave me all the tools needed to compete in the academic world well beyond the boundaries of 19446. I  went to LaSalle for premed, and then Hershey Medical School. After that, it was Internal Medical Residency at Abington Memorial, then cardiology fellowship in Philadelphia.  My training was completed in 1983 and I returned to my home in Lansdale to start a cardiology practice. Caring for generations of neighbors, friends and families for all these years has been, for me, a dream come true, made possible by the foundation given me when I as a student in the Lansdale Catholic community.

Of course, your challenges will be different than ours. Starting now, with the coronavirus situation, you will be forced to deal with, and solve, a new set of problems. I think that life in this country and this world will be reconfigured. YOU will be vitally important to that process of change. This will be  a daunting task, but without question,  you have developed a strong core of intellectual and character building traits that will serve you well as you move forward.

In my years since  LC, there have been  several timeless assets that I believe  people can rely on when striving to better the world in which they live.  Let me quickly share with you.


The electronics age has been nothing less than amazing. The benefit cannot be overstated. BUT……

All too often this digital informational platform tempts people to stop using their own brains. In medicine, I have seen the proliferation of algorithms and protocols. These are convenient tools, but clearly flawed.  If you find yourself relying on these sorts of tools without your own critical thought and validation – you need to stop and think.


This is an easy one. Hopefully, you already get it. Those strange people that seem to work way too hard always seem to be so lucky!


Yes. You are. For everything you do or do not do. Of course you will make mistakes.

You already have. That’s human and we all are.

Just don’t repeat it.

Apologize. Always.


This may be the hardest one. I think it’s probably the most important.

Ego and pride are huge temptations. But they are terribly distracting and destructive. They are empty qualities that take our eyes off the task at hand and replace our soul with a vacuum.  We become blind to the people with whom we share the world  .

Mother Teresa was one of the most extraordinary people I’ve known of. She had eyes that looked only outward, to the needs of those around her. She wanted no recognition or reward.  Such would have taken her from the needs of others.

On behalf of the Class of 1970, Congratulations, Class of 2020!

We wish you long, happy, healthy and productive lives.

We are truly appreciative that you are entering this world at this time with the skills and knowledge that you have worked so hard to attain.

Joe Kraynak, LC Class of 1970




Unprecedented…a word used daily now, can certainly describe the graduation of unique, selfless, loving and accomplished members of the Class of 2020! 

Having to forego special Senior moments only reflects your strength, moral qualities, and that you are becoming the leaders we welcome to the LC community!

The Class of 1970 wishes all of you what we have reflected on as we celebrate our 50th class reunion.   We cherish four years of bonding with classmates, we thank our faculty for preparing us to handle all Our Lord sent our way and continue to honor our patroness, St. Therese of Lisieux who said:  “May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you”.

Congratulations CRUSADERS’S Class of 2020!

Louise Linden, LC Class of 1970 




Class of 2020, Congratulations.  Always remember, life is hard. Even when we are not going through a pandemic, life will throw us curve balls. But that's ok. Learning how to swing through those times is what helps us to build character and strength. Live your life to the fullest. Set your dreams and goals high and never stop reaching for the stars. Always respect yourself. Be true to you. When you do this, the rest will fall into place. I wish you all the very best as well as a prosperous, successful future.

Donna Martin, LC Class of 1970




To The Class of 2020: What a weird wrinkle in history this turned out to be! Eh? As I am sitting home quarantined, I am remembering the LC graduation 50 years ago.  I just can’t imagine that 5 decades ago I cried when I was graduating because I thought it was an “end”….but now so many decades later – I know with all my heart that it was just the “beginning” of my adult life: more intense learning, careers, experiences, relationships, love, grief, hurt, pain, spirituality, volunteering, struggles, accomplishments, and travel. Back then I was a shy and quiet student but now have many friends – how things change. For you, too, things will change – things will get better, maybe worse. You will find cures, successes along with failures; and the thing is, you never know what you are going to learn from people, right? Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the bus driver, pilot, mailperson, doctor, teacher, grandparents (especially, ask where they were born), auto mechanic, hair stylist, factory worker, cleaner, sales person, parents, siblings, funeral director, lawyer, gardener, cook….. Ask. Listen.

Be safe, Be kind, Be happy, Keep a diary, Accept all people, Ask questions, and Vote….Don’t look away… and See “what is next”…….

“God’s Delay is not God’s Denial”

Rhonda Novicki, Very Proud Alumni LC Class of 1970




Do you remember your freshman year? Your Homeroom? Your 1st Football game? Maybe, maybe not, but you will. You absolutely will recall these days at Lansdale Catholic. They are inscribed not only in your minds, but I guarantee you they are embedded in your hearts. Especially this class of 2020, you have lived through an unprecedented time. The world stopped, everything stopped. Thousands of human lives have been lost. It is so hard to comprehend the impact of COVID 19. It will most likely take years for the world to understand just what this virus did to our daily lives, our country, our world. 

Yet, here you are waiting to get your high school diplomas, and take that traditional walk down Lansdale Avenue and you can’t. You’re stuck in limbo! 

When I graduated from LC in 1970, some of us went to Vietnam to fight a war, some went to college, and the rest went to work. Some of the kids I saw everyday for 4 years, some I never saw again. Others have become almost family.  Your time at LC, may have seemed to take forever to complete. In a few years, it will seem like a flash in the pan of time. You will forget some names, some classes, but you will never forget your days as a Crusader. And that, my friends, is a good thing. You members of the class of 2020, entered this building at 7th Street & Lansdale Avenue as kids, you are leaving as young adults, ready to start a lifetime of promise. Take all of those memories to college with you, take them to your careers, make them part of your families. Keep the Catholic faith alive in your lives. Be kind to yourself, and those you meet along the way if you choose to travel. Use the knowledge your teachers gave you. Trust in God. Always do your best. Be proud of your accomplishments. 

Congratulations Class of 2020, you did it! 


Pat O’Hara, LC Class of 1970




James Schiele

I just want to share with the class of 2020 that the education and values that I received from my years at Lansdale Catholic have served me well during my lifetime. I am also fortunate to have made friendships that continue to this day. In addition to reunions, some of us gather regularly to share our experiences and memories. LC was more than education, it was a blueprint for life!

Jim Schiele, LC Class of 1970