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Navigating the college search and application process can be overwhelming,but at Lansdale Catholic we offer one on one counseling and guidance. For students considering a STEM major, our STEM counselor is available to aid both students and parents in finding the best educational fit for each student.


As a student approaches the college process  there are many considerations involved. Our STEM coordinator brings many years of experience and knowledge, allowing students to make informed decisions and optimize their choices.

Students and/or parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Mary Antoni at [email protected] to set up an appointment.


Read the article from US News on the highest paying majors out of college.

10 College Majors With the Highest Starting Salaries:

Highest-paying college majors

  • Computer engineering: $80,300
  • Computer science: $77,300
  • Software engineering: $75,900
  • Electrical engineering: $75,700
  • Aerospace engineering: $75,300
  • Chemical engineering: $75,200
  • Biomedical engineering: $71,400
  • Materials science and engineering: $71,300
  • Industrial engineering: $71,200
  • Applied mathematics: $71,000


Median starting salaries for these majors range from $71,000 to $80,300, Payscale data shows. Additionally-having an internship increases the starting salary from $5000-$15000


  • University of Pennsylvania

    Dear Colleagues,

    We hope 2024 is off to a good start for you! As your Seniors eagerly await their college admissions decisions (or celebrate some early decision good news!), your Juniors may be turning their attention more seriously to their college searches.

    A topic students often have questions about is college visits. Do they have to visit in person? Are virtual visits any good? How do you plan for and make the most of a trip? What should you be looking for?

    That's why we're hosting a virtual event covering college visits! We encourage you to share the event with your students. If attending the live event isn't feasible, we post many of our recorded webinars on our YouTube page as well.

    Planning a College Visit

    Thursday, February 8th

    4:00 PM ET

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    Wishing you a wonderful semester ahead,

    Penn Admissions


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For more Information contact: 
Mary Antoni
STEM Coordinator 
215 362 6160 ext 1790