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International Students


Meghan Lister Callen '96
[email protected]
215.362.6160 ext. 1850
Academic Highlights:
  • Individualized Learning Plans to create student success.
  • 16 AP courses continually offered with 72% of students receiving at least a score of AP Scholar 3.
  • Diocesan Scholar Program provides advanced and accelerated learning for academically talented seniors from Catholic colleges/universities in the area.
  • Dual Enrollment opportunities for seniors to take college courses on site to ensure students gain the necessary edge to compete and succeed in the global economy. 
  • 44 Honors/36 College Preparatory courses provide in-depth critical thinking and problem solving skills imperative for college, career, and lifelong success.
  • Student-centered active-learning fostered through the use of alternate strategies, such as scholastic field trips, overseas travel, service learning, and activities period as part of the curriculum.
  • Career fairs, National Honor Society tutoring, and mentorships utilized as part of the curriculum.
  • STEM Coordinator collaborates with the teachers to promote, organize and enrich interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Provides college counseling, career shadowing and networking opportunities. 
  • Our students consistently rank among the top 3 Archdiocesan High Schools for SAT scores.
  • New state of the art Science labs.
  • Language program that includes Spanish, French and Italian. 
Admissions Process for International Students

The first step in the admissions process is to complete an online application. Then send copies of the student's grades to Ms. Meghan Callen [email protected]
For 9th Grade send 7th & 8th grade results
For 10th Grade send 9th grade results
For 11th Grade send 9th & 10th Grade results
For 12th Grade send 9th, 10th & 11th Grade results.
If the grades indicate that the student would be likely to be successful studying at the High School level in a different language to their mother tongue (generally A's and perhaps one or two B's), we would offer to meet the student in a virtual or in person interview.  The interview consists of conversation followed by a basic assessment of the student's listening, reading writing and speaking skills.  If the student's performance in the interview indicates that they have the skills to work in an all-English classroom, the Vice-Principal for Academics has the final decision with respect to making an offer to the student.
The above process can usually be accomplished in 5-7 working days (depending on the student's availability for interview).  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia (of which Lansdale Catholic High School is a part) states that students must come to the US with a CSIET approved agency ( or they must live with a blood relative (this relationship must be notarized).