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The Lansdale Catholic STEM Program consists of two STEM pathways or program options.

Both offer a unique and academically directed plan designed to offer a strong STEM foundation focused on Christian ethics, college readiness, career preparation, and success. Through personalized roster creation, college counseling, professional networking, national competitions, collaborative research, field trips, and the STEM Lecture Series, students are prepared to pursue various STEM fields. 


General STEM Program:

This program is recommended for any student who wishes to pursue or is considering  a STEM career. The STEM coordinator will work with the student to determine both interest and course selections that will assist the student in discerning a college major and career choice. 

Course selection guidance is beneficial as it helps students choose courses that develop the foundation needed for post-secondary STEM subjects in both content and soft skills. Students are expected to participate in STEM activities including STEM lectures by current STEM professionals.


Entry into this program is open to students at any grade level but is encouraged to begin soon after the first semester of Freshman year. This will allow the student and STEM coordinator time to create a pathway that serves the student's long term goals and interests. 


STEM Honors Certificate of Excellence Program:

This is a high level program constructed to create appropriately challenging STEM course selections, lectures, workshops and SAT prep over 3-4 years. The STEM Honors Certificate of Excellence program is designed to offer the academically mature, STEM focused student, a rigorous foundation in STEM. Information may be obtained by reviewing the documents included on the dropdown page and by a meeting with Mrs. Antoni. To apply a student must be enrolled in Honors level Math and Science courses. A Certificate of Excellence is awarded at graduation to students who complete all the required courses and have an overall cumulative STEM average of 90. Attendance at lectures and presentations is a mandatory part of program completion.
Freshmen and Sophomores may apply beginning the first quarter of Freshmen year. In rare cases an upcoming Junior may be eligible but a meeting with the STEM director is required to determine feasibility.
Read about one of the STEM Honors students, Ella Ruffels '25 and her summer internship.


Send Mrs. Antoni an email at [email protected] and request an appointment for further information.


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Points to consider:

  • 80 % of our top students pursue a STEM Career 
  • Significant number of female students focus on STEM Careers
  • Nationally competitive Robotics team
  • Dual Enrollment STEM courses offering college credits
  • High AP STEM course scores 


According to the Department of Labor Statistics, STEM jobs are expected to continue increasing. At Lansdale Catholic, we seek to prepare our students for global success in STEM.  

See the press release below on the AP CSA award garnered by our Ap teacher, Mrs. Templeton.

For Immediate Release: January 18, 2022



Lansdale Catholic High School Earns AP Computer Science A Female Diversity Award


Recognized for Closing the Gender Gap in AP Computer Science A



Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Lansdale Catholic High School has earned the College Board AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science A. Schools honored with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award have expanded girls’ access in AP computer science courses.


More than 1,000 institutions achieved either 50% or higher female representation in one of the two AP computer science courses or a percentage of the female computer science exam takers meeting or exceeding that of the school’s female population during the 2020-21 school year. In 2021, Lansdale Catholic was one of 199 recognized in the category of AP Computer Science A.


“We’re thrilled to congratulate our female AP computer science students and their teachers on this step toward gender parity in computer science education,” said James Casey, President and Rita McGovern, Principal. “We’re honored that our school earned this distinction and look forward to seeing these young women and others pursue and achieve success in computer science education and careers.”


“By encouraging young women to study advanced computer science coursework, Lansdale Catholic High School is closing the gap in computer science education and empowering young women to access the opportunities available in STEM career fields,” says Stefanie Sanford, College Board chief of Global Policy and External Relations. “Computer science is the foundation of many 21st-century career options, and young women deserve equal opportunities to pursue computer science education and drive technological innovation.”


AP Computer Science A (CSA) students learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today’s society. AP Computer Science A, which first debuted in 1988, continues to grow and female participation has increased 33% since 2017. Overall AP computer science course participation has increased 79% since 2017, broadening STEM career opportunities for more students.


Providing female students with access to computer science courses is critical to ensuring gender parity in the industry’s high-paying jobs and to drive innovation, creativity, and representation. The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250 in May 2020. However, a analysis of 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics data finds women represent just 24% of the five million people in computing occupations. Computing jobs are the number one source of new wages in the U.S., although 67% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, only 11% of STEM bachelor’s degrees are in computer science.


According to a Google study, 54% of female computer science majors took AP CSA in high school. College Board research about AP CSP also finds AP CSP students are nearly twice as likely to enroll in AP CSA, and that for most students, AP CSP serves as a stepping stone to other advanced AP STEM coursework.




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                                                            The link below is a great article on why chosing a STEM major is financially wise

                                                                                         THE MOST VALUABLE COLLEGE MAJORS RANKED 2021

Lansdale Catholic STEM Coordinator: Mrs. Mary Antoni 


Mrs. Antoni has been awarded multiple grants for STEM education and is the recipient of several awards including:

Outstanding Science Teacher 2021 by The Philadelphia Engineering Club and Foundation * DaVinci 2018 Science Hall of Fame Teacher Excellence Award winner

STEM testimonials from parents and students

     “The STEM Honors program you mentor at LC coupled with your initiative in implementing the Dual Enrollment program with local universities was instrumental in helping Bryce achieve his academic goals this year.  In addition, you provided vital guidance on his course selections, which helped increase his academic rigor and competitiveness in the Service Academy selection process.  As a result, Bryce accepted an appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy and will pursue a STEM major.”


Thank you again for all of your assistance,


Stephen U'Selis

“The STEM Honors Program at LC has been an incredible help throughout high school and the college process. Mrs. Antoni is extremely knowledgeable and did a great job pointing me in the right direction for my future. I am grateful she incorporated the STEM Honors Program and every student who loves STEM should check it out. “  -Andrew Yukanis
“The faculty and staff at Lansdale Catholic High School truly care and love their students and our son has grown so much in body, mind and soul. Through STEM, he was intellectually challenged, taking 4 Honors Math and 3 AP Math classes.  As such, he scored in the 98% percentile in Math, without any outside SAT prep.  Thank you STEM team!”


Donna Cushing 

The honors STEM Program has been a wonderful addition to the rigorous science and technology class curriculum our son has enjoyed while at Lansdale Catholic. Being challenged by his teachers and Honors STEM classmates has provided the work ethic and drive that will carry him through his education at Penn State University in the College of Information Science and Technology. 


Thanks Mrs Antoni for everything! I have 2 more Cusumanos which will be there starting next year. My daughter Anna is an incoming freshman. I hope she has the same experiences as Thomas has been able to be a part of at LC :) 


Courtney Cusumano 


“Lansdale Catholic is lucky to have Mrs. Antoni and the Stem Honors Program! STEM is a big part of the future and Mrs. Antoni brings in STEM speakers and keeps the students informed of workshops and summer camps. The students are challenged by their advanced courses and STEM requirements and definitely prepared for college!”


Colleen &Jeffrey Yukanis