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Technology Requirements / Chromebook Information

The Classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026 are required to have a Chromebook, which meet or exceed our minimal specifications, for the start of the academic year. Returning students need to review these requirements at the beginning of each new school year to be sure their Chromebooks still meet these requirements, with particular attention to the Google Auto Update Policy.
Please review the information below before choosing a Chromebook.  You may also email our Technology Coordinator Mr. Rob Borkowski at [email protected]
Minimum Chromebook Requirements
Screen Size: Minimum of 11 inches  
Memory: Minimum of 4 GB
Hard Drive Size: Minimum of 16 GB
Wireless connectivity: 802.11ac
Chrome Operating System with active Auto Update Policy that will not expire during the school year. Please see Google Auto Update Policy
Chromebook must have a functioning camera/microphone and able to hold a charge for the full school day (at least 7 hours). 
*Although a warranty is not required, it is highly recommended. Students will use their Chromebooks daily and LC will not repair or attempt to fix student Chromebooks.
Used Chromebooks Requirements
If your Chromebook is used or you plan on using the same Chromebook you used last year, please make sure that the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date does not expire during the upcoming school year. If a device reaches it's Auto Update Expiration date, it will not be permitted on the school network. You can read more here: Google Auto Update Policy
Chromebook Options
Option 1
If you already own a Google Chromebook from your previous school, you can continue to use it at Lansdale Catholic, so long as it meets the minimal requirements, specifically the Used Chromebook Requirements (see above).
Option 2
If you are purchasing a Chromebook on your own, it must meet the minimal requirements.  Our IT Department will need to configure your Chromebook to our network and install our classroom management software. This will be done, in school, during the month of September.
Chromebook Support for Lenovo Chromebooks

Lenovo Customer Service / Technical Support:  1-855-253-6686