Directories » Faculty


Theology Department Chairperson - Mr. Dan McCarthy
215.362.6160 ext. 1630

B.A. St. Charles Borromeo Seminary 


Theology - Mr. Dan Finocchio
215.362.6160 ext. 1980
M.B.A. Philadelphia University; M.A. Augustine Institute; B.S. Kutztown University


Theology - Mr. James MacFarland
215.362.6160 ext. 1480

B.S. LaSalle University; B.A. St. Charles Borromeo Seminary


Theology - Ms. Louise Mitchell 

215.362.6160 ext. 1650
M.A. Ava Maria University; M.T.S. University of Dallas; B.A. St. Louis University

Science Department Chairperson -  Mrs. Jennifer U'Selis
215.362.6160 ext. 1760

M.A. Georgian Court University; B.A., B.S. Moravian College

Science - Ms. Sharon Williams
215.362.6160 ext. 1600

M.Ed. Arcadia University; B.S. Penn State University



Science - Mrs. Barbara Albanese
215.362.6160 ext. 1370
M.S. University of Delaware; B.S. Indiana University of PA


Science - Mrs. Jillian Whitesell
215.362.6160 ext. 1770
M.Ed. Delaware Valley University; B.S. Delaware Valley University 


Science - Mr. Andrew Sweriduk '04
215.362.6160 ext. 1720
B.S. University of Delaware 


Mathematics Department Chairperson - Mrs. Jennifer Cooney 
215.362.6160 ext. 1800
B.S. St. Joseph's University/Delaware Valley University


Mathematics - Mrs. Anne Templeton
215.362.6160 ext. 1960
M.Ed. Arcadia University; B.A. LaSalle University



Mathematics - Mrs. Christine Fitch
215.362.6160 ext. 1610
M.S. Neumann University/Drexel University; B.A. Georgetown University


Mathematics - Mr. Michael Dinneen
215.362.6160 ext. 1500
B.S. DeSales University/Bucks County Community College


Mathematics - Mr. Nicholas Mandarano '14 
215.362.6160 ext. 1810
B.S. St. Joseph's University  



World Languages Department Chairperson - Mr. Joseph Corbett
215.362.6160 ext. 1460
B.S. Hobart and William Smith College



World Languages - Ms. Deborah Lynch 
215.362.6160 ext. 1750
B.A. Temple University



World Languages - Ms. Eilish Haley
215.362.6160 ext. 1510
B.A. Temple University


Business Technology Department Chairperson - Mrs. Lisa Wright-Polk
215.362.6160 ext. 1700
B.S. Penn State University 

Social Studies Department Chairperson - Mr. Jason Skinner
215.362.6160 ext. 1420 
M.A. Arcadia University; B.A. Penn State University 


Social Studies -  Mrs. Amy McAteer MacKay '91
215.362.6160 ext. 1710
B.S/B.A. University of Scranton


Social Studies - Mrs. Lauren Eble
215.362.6160 ext. 1150 
B.S./B.A. University of Scranton


English Department Chairperson - Ms. Emily Brady
215.362.6160 ext. 1930
B.A. Villanova University 


English - Mr. George Fenton
215.362.6160 ext. 1140
B.A. St. Joseph's University; M.F.A. Temple University

English - Mr. Brian Dethloff

215.362.6160 ext. 1170
B.S. Temple University 

English - Ms. Kate DiGiuseppe
215.362.6160 ext. 1730
B.A. Penn State University  


English - Ms. Vivian Milan
15.362.6160 ext. 
B.A. St. Joseph's University


English - Mr. Anthony Inverso (On Leave First Semester)
215.362.6160 ext. 1860 
B.A. Villanova University; M.S. St. Joseph's University


Fine Arts Department Chairperson - Mr. James Timer
215.362.6160 ext. 1690
B.S. Ed. Millersville University


Fine Arts - Ms. Mari Lee McCloskey
215.362.6160 ext. 1160
B.F.A. University of the Arts


Physical Education Department Chairperson - Mrs. Monica Stolic
215.362.6160 ext. 1120
M.S. West Virginia University; B.S. Bethany College