Junior Year - COVID-19 Updates

Junior Year: “Career Selection Year”
We met with many students for their junior meetings before COVID-19 restrictions.  We discussed college research and planning and showed students how to access Naviance, our college planning online system.  For those juniors we haven’t been able to meet with yet, please see the email sent out on March 26 regarding signing up for Naviance, directions for using Naviance tools, and completing a resume for teacher letters of recommendation.  We encourage students who haven’t yet met with their counselor for their junior meeting, to reach out with any questions or concerns, and we will also be contacting you soon with details on what you can be doing now regarding the college process.

  • Career Selection:
    • Each student is expected to continue his/her investigation of career information. A counselor is always available to help, and an individual 45 minute interview will be scheduled with each junior.  During this interview, each student will be registered on Naviance.
    • During the junior year, each student is introduced to the college/trade school exploring process. The Junior Guidance Handbook is distributed to each student.
  • Academic counseling is available when needed. If a student fails two or more subjects, his/her counselor will meet with the student.
  • Personal counseling is available when needed (initiated by the student or by way of a referral made by a teacher, a staff person, a parent or another student).
  • PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test): A presentation concerning the PSAT is made to all juniors in September. In December, after the receipt of the PSAT scores, an assembly is held to explain the score reporting.
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test): During the second semester, an assembly is held to explain the SAT registration process and an ONLINE Junior Parent College Information Night is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21. More details on this presentation will be sent in an email to Juniors and their Parent/Guardian.